• Uud Wahyudin Program Magister Fakultas Ilmu Komunikasi Universitas Padjadjaran


Culture will affect the way, style, perception of the object in communicating. Conversely,
communication builds a culture owned by groups, ethnic, race, ethnicity, and nation. In the
pesantren tradition, developing a life-long teacher-student relationship system for both kyai and
santri. Tradition of the pesantren with the uniqueness of the cultural framework, has a different
communication behavior with the behavior in public education. In accordance with the learning
techniques known in the tradition of pesantren, such as sorogan, bandongan, and so on, then the
process of delivering health communication messages occur in the learning process. Each santri
interpreted an object based on a process of reflection on everyday experience that is internalized
into value. These values are also underlying students perform an election or decision-making in
his life. This study aims to find a model of health communication developed in the tradition of
boarding schools. In the pesantren tradition, health communication that develops is interpersonal
health communication, group health communication, and health communication organization. In
this research found three mean of health communication proposed by santri based on conscious
experience that is health communication which is process of delivering health and hygiene
information which usually done by kyai to santri at sorogan, group health communication at
bandongan, and health communication organization at when discussing activities or health
programs undertaken.

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