Peer Review

Peer Review Process

  1. Author Create an account in the Physical Activity journal at the following link
  2. The author pays attention to the provisions of the manuscript based on author guidelines and follows the journal template.
  3. The author sends a manuscript adjusted to the journal template to the open journal system.
  4. The editor-in-chief checks the amount of similarity / Turnitin; if the manuscript's similarity is at 20% or less, it will be continued to the editor; if it is above 20%, it is returned to the author to be corrected.
  5. The results of the author's improvement will be sent to the journal editor and reviewed for the manuscript's suitability with the journal template.
  6. The editor and the writer communicate if the manuscript needs to be corrected.
  7. The editor will send the corrected manuscript to the Reviewer without including the author's identity. Before being given to reviewers, the identity of the manuscript author is removed to maintain the double-blind review policy. Identity information such as name, affiliation, and references in the manuscript are removed.
  8. Reviewers conduct a manuscript review process.
  9. The review process by reviewers is carried out with a Double Blind Review system.
  10. Improvement notes from reviewers are sent to the editor, then the editor sends them back to the author.
  11. The author revised the manuscript based on notes from the Reviewer and sent it back to the editor.
  12. Second Stage Review (Optional): Journal editors frequently ask reviewers to review manuscript revisions. This second stage aims to ensure that the requested improvements are properly implemented.
  13. The editor sends back the improvement results from the author to the Reviewer. The Reviewer

suggests the manuscript to the editor as follows:

  • Accept Submission; notes are given if the manuscript is considered appropriate for publication
  • Revisions Required, notes are given if the manuscript still requires improvement
  • Resubmit for Review; notes are provided if the author is asked to resubmit the manuscript,
  • Resubmit Elsewhere; notes are given if the manuscript is considered not suitable for the aim and scope of the journal/does not meet the required minimum manuscript standard criteria.
  • Decline Submission, notes are given if the manuscript is declared rejected.