Focus and Scope

J-Lalite which is published twice a year (every June and December) is a double blind peer-reviewed publication consists of research-based and review articles, fresh ideas about language, literature, cultural studies which have never been published before. The journal covers all aspect relating to topics including:

1. Linguistics;

2. Applied Linguistics;

3. Discourse Analysis;

4. Critical Discourse Analysis;

5. Psycolinguistics;

6. Semiotics;

7. Stylistics;

8. Sociolinguistics;

9. Translation Studies;

10. Applied Translation;

11. Translation and Multimedia;

12. Interdiciplinary Translation;

13. Post-colonial literature;

14. Modern literature;

15. Film Studies;

16. Children Literature;

17. Cultural Studies;

18. Modern culture;

19. Popular culture;

20. Folk culture.