Author Guideline


  1. The manuscript can be the result of research, survey, or literature review that closely related to the field of pharmaceutical, and health.
  2. The manuscript of the research should not have been and has not been published in other print media.
  3. The manuscript is written in Indonesian or in English. The script of the original type sent in the form of soft copy accompanied by complete affiliation
  4. Systematic writing is written in the following order:
  • titles cultivated quite informative and not too long,
  • essence and keywords are written in Indonesian and English. Abstract (abstract) is not more than 75-100 words that contain brief research background, method, result, and conclusion of the research. Keywords (keywords) consist of 1-5 words,
  • the introduction contains background, research objectives, research underlying issues, and theoretical reviews,
  • research methods describe the materials and tools used (if mentioned), the course of research, and analysis of data in the form of narration,
  • results and discussion contain an in-depth explanation of the results obtained from the study accompanied by a comparison with the results of other studies that support the explanation.
  • conclusions and recommendations,                                                                                                   
  • Acknowledgement (if any)
  • the bibliography is preferred to use the primary literature source (research journal) as a reference
  1. Manuscript typed with Microsoft Word program Times New Roman font, size 12 pts, with space 1.5 with a length between 3000-4500 words, including pictures and tables. Pages are placed in the top right corner.
  2. The table should be intact and clearly legible with the title of the table at the top whereas the title of the image and graph is written under the picture/graph accompanied by the number.
  3. The literature in the manuscript is written in a naming system. If the library has more than two authors followed et al., Then years.


           According to Thompson (1997), cancer cells lose contact inhibition...

           The genus Erythrina shows its activity as a COX II and anti-inflammatory inhibitor (Pillay et al., 2001)

  1. The bibliography is arranged in alphabetical order in chronological order:
  •  book: principal name and author's initials. (Publication Year). Book title. Volume. Edition. name of a publisher: place of published, 
  • articles in the journal: the author's principal and initials. (Publication Year). Title of an essay. the name of the journal (italic), no. volume (italic). (edition). the start and end pages of the essay.


Grudee, J. (2012). The influence of systemic and local factors on the development of

atherosclerosis, in J.K Maruki and S. Bagio (Eds.). London: Academic Press. 131-164

 Bryan, T.M., & Chech, T.R. (2013), Telomerase and the maintenance of chromosome, Curr. Opin. Cell. Biol, 11 (2). 318-324.

  1. If necessary, thank you, to be included at the end of the manuscript by mentioning: name, title, and recipient of speech
  2. The editors reserve the right to define the writing to be published, to make changes to the text, to improve the language, to ask the author to correct the manuscript and to reject the unqualified text.
  3. The manuscript is printed and online: