Composition of Flies on Carcasses of Mice (Mus musculus) After 10 Days of Death on Land and in Water

  • Shintya Nitra Nirwani Universitas Jenderal Soedirman
  • Trisnowati Budi Ambarningrum
  • Bambang Heru Budianto


This study aims to determine differences in the composition of flies which include diversity and evenness in the carcass of mice (Mus musculus) placed on land and water as well as differences in the decomposition process at the two locations. The results showed that there were 135 flies on the carcass of mice placed on land consisting of three species, namely Sarcophaga sp., Chrysomya megacephala, and Musca domestica, while the flies found on carcasses placed in water were 9 individuals consisting of three species, namely Sarcophaga sp., Musca domestica, and Fanniia sp. The results of the calculation of the Shannon-Wienner index of fly composition in carcasses placed on land were 0.44 and in carcasses placed in water were 0.68, so it can be concluded that the diversity and abundance of flies species at both carcass locations was low. The Eveness index value of the composition of flies on carcasses placed on land is 0.40 and carcasses in water is 0.62, it can be concluded that the distribution of flies on carrcass in water is more even and has the same variety than the distribution of flies on carcasses on land. The results of the paired t test showed that the role of flies as fragmenters of mice carcasses at both locations was equally good and showed that there was no correlation between the number of flies between the two environmental conditions (P>0.05), and the results of the correlation analysis of the two compositions of flies showed that the role of flies as a fragmenter reached 47.4%. The decomposition process of carcasses on land reaches the final stage faster, namely the skeletal stage which begins to occur on the tenth day of observation, while the decomposition process in water takes a longer time to reach the final stage, namely sunken remains.


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