MOLEKUL Retraction and Correction Policy

Purpose: At MOLEKUL Journal, we are dedicated to upholding the highest standards of scientific integrity and rigor. We recognize the importance of promptly addressing and correcting errors or retracting articles when necessary. This policy outlines the procedures and guidelines for issuing corrections and retractions in our journal.


  1. Minor Errors: If minor errors are identified in a published article that do not significantly impact the scientific conclusions, we encourage authors to submit errata to the editorial office. The errata will be reviewed and, if accepted, published promptly.

  2. Editorial Oversight: In cases where editorial errors or omissions are discovered, MOLEKUL Journal will take responsibility for correcting these issues promptly. An editorial note will be added to the article, and the corrected version will be published online.


  1. Reasons for Retraction: Articles may be retracted if:

    • There is clear evidence of scientific misconduct, data fabrication, or falsification.
    • Ethical violations, such as plagiarism or authorship disputes, are identified.
    • Serious errors are found that significantly affect the validity or reliability of the published results.
  2. Retraction Process:

    • The decision to retract an article will be made by the Editorial Board in consultation with external experts, if necessary.
    • Authors of the retracted article will be notified and given an opportunity to provide their comments or objections.
    • A formal retraction notice, including the reasons for retraction, will be published prominently in the journal, with a link to the original article.
    • The retracted article will be clearly marked as "RETRACTED" and removed from any indexing or abstracting services.
    • In cases of scientific misconduct, appropriate institutions and agencies will be informed.


Authors who disagree with a correction or retraction decision may appeal to the Editorial Board. The appeal will be reviewed by an independent panel of experts, and their decision will be final.

Reviewer and Author Responsibilities:

Reviewers and authors are encouraged to report any concerns about published articles promptly. Reviewers should maintain confidentiality regarding their evaluations, even in cases where retractions or corrections are necessary.


MOLEKUL Journal is committed to transparency in all aspects of the publication process. All corrections and retractions will be clearly documented, and the reasons behind these actions will be communicated to readers.

Policy Review:

This Retraction and Correction Policy will be periodically reviewed and updated to ensure its continued effectiveness and alignment with evolving best practices in scientific publishing.

Date of Adoption: 1 September 2023 Last Revised: 15 September 2023

For inquiries or reporting issues related to corrections and retractions, please contact the MOLEKUL Journal Editorial Office at

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