MOLEKUL Advertising Policy

Purpose: MOLEKUL is committed to maintaining the highest standards of scientific integrity and impartiality. To ensure the independence and credibility of our content, we have established this advertising policy that prohibits the acceptance of advertising requests from third-party entities.

Policy Guidelines:

  1. No Third-Party Advertising: MOLEKUL will not accept advertising requests from third-party organizations, including but not limited to pharmaceutical companies, commercial publishers, and private businesses.

  2. Independence and Integrity: By refusing third-party advertising, we aim to maintain the independence and integrity of our editorial content. Our decisions, including article selection and publication, will not be influenced by commercial interests.

  3. Financial Support: MOLEKULmay seek financial support through other means, such as subscriptions, institutional funding, or grants, to ensure the sustainability and quality of the journal.

  4. Conflict of Interest Disclosure: All editorial board members, authors, and reviewers are required to disclose any potential conflicts of interest that could compromise the journal's impartiality and integrity.

  5. No Sponsored Content: We do not accept sponsored content or articles that have been paid for by third parties, as this could compromise the journal's editorial independence.

  6. Transparency: MOLEKUL is committed to transparency in its funding sources and operations. Any financial support received will be disclosed to readers, ensuring complete transparency.

  7. Exceptions: In rare cases,MOLEKUL may consider exceptions to this advertising policy for governmental or non-profit organizations, subject to approval by the editorial board. Such exceptions will be made transparent to readers.

Review and Amendment: This advertising policy will be periodically reviewed and may be amended by the editorial board to adapt to changing circumstances while upholding the journal's commitment to scientific integrity and impartiality.

By adopting this advertising policy, MOLEKUL aims to maintain the trust of its readers, authors, and the scientific community by ensuring that its content remains free from external commercial influence.

Date of Adoption: 1 September 2023 Last Revised: 15 September 2023

MOLEKUL Editorial Board