Author Guideline

Author Guidelines

1. The article must be an original piece of work, has novelty thought and significant impact to social and political sciences, and also has not be published or not being submitted to publish on another journal. The article can be form of research findings, paperwork, review of theories or methodology, and review of policies or social phenomenon. The article can be written in English or Bahasa Indonesia.
2. The number of the words in the article must not more than 8,000 words. It is excluding the bibliography and footnotes. Entries must be in 12-point Times New Roman and 1.5 spaced.
3. The article must be accompanied by an abstract in English. The abstract ranged 150-200 words (approximately 1,100 to 1,450 characters including the spaces) and contains of one paragraph only which describes the essence of the entire content of the article clearly and completely. Entries must be in 12-point Times New Roman and single spaced. Please include 3 to 5 words of the keywords.
4. Reference, citations in the text, footnotes should be written in APA (American Psychological Associations) format, as follows:
• If the author's name included in the text, followed by the year of publication in parentheses:
When Chu (1977) conducted research...
• If the author's name is not in the text, put the author's last name and year of publication in parentheses:
When the study has finished... (Jones, 1994)
• If the page number is included after year of publication, put it after colon
...Chavez (1966:16)
• If there were three authors, write those three authors' last name in the beginning of references; afterwards write the first author's name only and; if there were more than three authors, put the first author's last name and
(Smith, Garcia and Lee 1954) (Snow et al. 1989)
• Citations in the text must be preceded and ended by quotation marks; reference should be included after quotation marks and ended by full stop.
"In 1999, however, the data based on more specific types of working type shows jobs with orientation technology are better-paying" (Hildenbrand, 1999:47).
5. Avoid writing a footnote, except it needs additional clarification outside the context of the article. Footnotes are written with different font size (10-point Times New Roman). Arrange the footnotes sequentially by number, located below on the same page. Include referral if necessary.
6. Writing any tables and figures / charts to follow the example in the link section below. At the top there is a title and numbering sequentially, as well as at the bottom of the listed data sources. Description of tables and figures is located just below the tables / figures.
7. Ex:

8. At the end, all references in the text must be included and written sequentially by alphabet of the main authors' last name.
9. The review is conducted by single blind system.
10. Journal article should be sent through OJS (Open Journal System) by this website. Author(s) needs to register online by creating an account (username & password on this website before uploading article, to create an account (username & password on this website.
11. Author(s) must pay attention to various points listed in publication Ethics of the article to be delivered.
12. By publishing through this journal, author(s) hand over the copy rights of full article (abstract, tables, figures, illustration) to Faculty of Social and Political Sciences, Universitas Jenderal Soedirman, including the right to republish in any media.