Author Guideline

The manuscript should be written in the following rules and criteria:

  1. The article should be original and not a work of plagiarism, have never been published in another media or publications, and should never be send to another media or publications at the same time.
  2. The article is written in Bahasa or English with in the format of essay, with title on each section of the article. Title must be specific, effective, and boldfaced. Title for section and subsection hierarchy should be on boldface or italic without numbering.
  3. The article should be written on Times New Roman, 12 pt., 1.5 spaces with length of 3000-5000 words (not including bibliography) and sent through Online Journal System (OJS) through website
  4. The author’s name includes no academic degrees and placed under the title of the article. If the article has more than one author, the primary author must be on the top of the others. In the case of a script written by the more than one author, editors will only correspond to the main author or author listed in the first place. Authors are recommended to attach email address for communication purpose.
  5. It would be preferred for author to use source of reference with publications from the last 10 years. The preferred references are primary sources such as research report (including undergraduate thesis, graduate thesis, and dissertation) ) or research article within scientific journals and magazines. Citation should be made with body note based on academic standard.
  6. Authors has full responsibility upon their submitted article.
  7. Editorial team has the right to edit an article without changing the substance and the original idea of the author. 
  8. Editorial team would not return unpublished manuscript.