Focus and Scope

Focus: "Jurnal Teras Fisika: Teori, Modeling dan Aplikasi Fisika" is a scholarly, peer-reviewed journal dedicated to advancing the field of physics through the dissemination of high-quality research. The primary focus of the journal is to provide a platform for researchers, scientists, and academicians to share their original contributions in various areas of physics. This journal aims to promote the exchange of knowledge, ideas, and innovations in both theoretical and applied physics.

Please make sure that the submitted manuscript has not been published previously and considered for publication elsewhere at any time during the review period. 

Scope: The journal encompasses a wide range of topics within the realm of physics, including but not limited to:

  1. Theoretical Physics: The journal welcomes papers that delve into the development and refinement of physical theories, the exploration of fundamental principles, and the advancement of mathematical models that underpin our understanding of the physical world.

  2. Mathematical or Computational Modeling: We invite submissions that employ mathematical and computational techniques to model physical phenomena, predict outcomes, and analyze complex systems across various branches of physics.

  3. Experimental Physics: Contributions related to experimental investigations, laboratory studies, and empirical observations that expand our knowledge of natural phenomena are encouraged. This may encompass experimental setups, instrumentation, and data analysis.

  4. Applied Physics: The journal is open to research that explores the practical applications of physics in various fields, including engineering, materials science, biophysics, and environmental science. Papers addressing the real-world impact of physics on technology and industry are especially welcome.

  5. Interdisciplinary Research: We encourage interdisciplinary research that bridges the gap between physics and other scientific disciplines, fostering collaboration and innovation in areas such as astrophysics, geophysics, medical physics, and nanotechnology.

Publication Ethics and Peer Review: We uphold the highest standards of publication ethics and practice a rigorous peer-review process to ensure the quality and integrity of the articles we publish. All submissions will be reviewed by experts in the field who will evaluate the originality, scientific rigor, and relevance of the research

"Jurnal Teras Fisika: Teori, Modeling dan Aplikasi Fisika" is committed to contributing to the advancement of physics as a discipline and fostering collaboration among physicists and researchers. We invite researchers from around the world to submit their work and be part of our mission to expand the frontiers of physics knowledge.