Metafora Dalam Judul Pemberitaan Lesti Kejora

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Dherysha Auria Maysalluna Felicia Yohana Kusuma Kinanti Nadia Kifaya Shavira Rahma Zuliawati Trista Aura Chodijah


Research related to the use of metaphors in news headlines aims to describe the form, meaning, and function of a metaphor in online news. The method used in this study is a qualitative descriptive method with an in-depth description of the topics raised and followed by basic data collection techniques through observing and note-taking techniques. The form of the data studied was the use of metaphors in the headlines of Lesti Kejora's news. The data sources that will be examined come from various online news media related to the Lesti Kejora phenomenon. Data analysis was carried out using the agih research method with advanced techniques of equalizing banding. The results obtained from the study showed that there were several types of metaphors in the news of Lesti Kejora written by various online media. As well as how to compare and relate a metaphor to the news with the meaning of the original word in each element of the metaphor.

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