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Andriadi Andriadi


This research examined the representation of an ideal concept of Islamic education in the novel The Land of Five Towers  by A.  Fuadi. The researcher also found the readers’ responses on the ideal concept of the Islamic education representation. This work was chosen because it shows the real process of an Indonesian child taking “Pesantren” education which is still considered as an education with a traditional pattern in Indonesia and is less attractive to teenagers and parents. The purpose of this study is to see what the ideal concept of integrated Islamic education represented in the novel and how readers’ respond to the ideal concept offered in the midst of Indonesian education which is being hegemoned by the structure of secular education. This study uses a qualitative method. Data were collected by a holistic reading of the work and interviews of 20 members of the Bengkulu Writing Community (KMB) as respondents. The result showed that representation of integral educational materials and activities in Pesantren (Islamic Board School) produce graduates who understand and practice all religious commands for provision in the hereafter and also understand knowledge as a provision for life in the world. The readers gave positive responses to the ideal concept of Islamic education in the work related to the integration of knowledge, character education with adab as metaphysic, teachers as role model of adab and teaching without material motives, and habituation process that helps students to be familiar in applying worship and encourages them live in good environment with high concentration in achieving their goal. In short, education in Pesantren (Islamic Boarding School), a traditional educational  institution of  Indonesia, is an ideal  educational system for Muslims to apply to build the ideals of becoming a strong, noble, moral, tolerant, and cooperative society in Indonesia.

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ANDRIADI, Andriadi. RESPON PEMBACA TERHADAP KONSEP PENNDIDIKAN ISLAM IDEAL DALAM NOVEL NEGERI 5 MENARA KARYA A. FUADI. Jurnal Iswara : Jurnal Kajian Bahasa, Budaya, dan Sastra Indonesia, [S.l.], v. 2, n. 1, p. 31-48, june 2022. ISSN 2961-8045. Available at: <>. Date accessed: 03 dec. 2022. doi: